Introduction to Kiln Formed Glass

Introduction to Kiln Formed Glass

Introduction to Kiln Formed Glass

Sunday , May 6th , 2018  from 10:00 AM to 4 PM

Will be taught  by Anna Bilek  “Passion for Glass”  director 

*Tuition $189 plus GST    – Beginner level, 

to register please call 587 353 2153

or email

Max 6 students Min 2 students to run this class

This one day introductory workshop is designed with the beginner in mind and will guide you through an exploration of the possibilities of fused and slumped glass. We will demonstrate the basics of glass cutting, explain the various steps of a firing schedule and discuss the importance of glass compatibility and annealing. You will be able to experiment with design possibilities using a wide variety of frit, stringers, confetti, sheet glass and iridized glass from the Bullseye Glass palette.

During the class you will create a set of example tiles and one fused and slumped plate. Our goal is to introduce you to both the technical and artistic side of the medium of kiln formed glass. Tuition includes all materials.

* please note that cancellations policy apply 

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Assembled Imagery in Kilnformed Glass: An Introduction

Assembled Imagery in Kilnformed Glass: An Introduction

Assembled Imagery in Kilnformed Glass: An Introduction

Taught by Amanda Taylor

May 18-20, 2018

Cost 420 $ per person

minimum 6 students  maximum 8 students

By examining the work of painters and printmakers it’s possible to develop a greater understanding of how richly layered compositions can be created in glass assemblages.

Light plays with the glass, changes the color of it and reflects it in many different ways within one single piece. Onlookers may see the glass object in a different way every time it is viewed. It is exciting and challenging to create a piece using this method. In this class we will focus mainly on landscape design. We will be developing set of techniques which produces painterly effects on the surface or within any particular glass body. Using different glass elements (glass powders, frits, stringers, enamels, and various unconventional tools) allows you to create shading, texture, and other design elements that become encapsulated within and on the surface of the piece. It is a celebration of the transparency, color and vibrancy that only glass as a medium can capture.

We will be building a palette of techniques that allows a wide range of painterly effects through specific in-class exercises and small studies which can be applied to larger compositions.

Note: We find it very useful if people bring some samples of favorite colors, images and patterns cut from magazines. We can then discuss the direction you want to go with this type of work.

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Tree of life

Tree of life

Thursday, May 10 , 2018 from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM 

Saturday, May12 , 2018 from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM   This is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea , bring your mom and create it together .

Come join us on a Thursday evening or afternoon at Passion for Glass to create your personalized unique tree of life. Learn how glass artists create different painterly effects using stringers and chunks of glass. No experience necessary, supplies are included. Your work will be framed and ready to pick up a week after class.

No experience necessary, everyone welcome to try this so unique experience with us .

Three sizes available:

4 x 6” – $40

5 x 7” – $55

8 x 10”. $ 70

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